Capturing & Archiving

All work created on site or sent through our production system is backed up automatically on three separate servers for later retrieval. This means that all future amendments are done quickly and cost-effectively. Our library system goes back over 10 years and has always found a previously run job.

We can reproduce the original or make amendments, including personalising copies, in any quantity required.

We also offer an archiving service where we take all of your paper copies (at any size) put them into an archiving device and burn them to CD or DVD. Because these documents are scanned with OCR (optical character recognition) they are fully searchable in PDF format.

Blackfriars were the first to introduce software that enables your entire print and artwork archive to be fully tagged and searchable.

By holding your archives, we are not holding you to ransom. We provide you with a full CD with search engine for every job when requested.

Ecopy - New Archive software which allows us to scan and store documents without the need of indexing - call for further details.

"Our current printing requirements are irregular and often needed in short notice. Blackfriars' ability to meet these has been second to none."

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