Confidential Production, Secure Printing

Blackfriars Contracts moved to Stonehouse, to a purpose converted building, 10 years ago. The building was carefully chosen to cover all the requirements of the daily operations of the company. The building had to be secure, have no public access and when confidential work came in had to be able to be monitored from start to finish - this we have achieved.

The building has 16 CCTV cameras, no public access and a full book in and book out system for all work.

No matter what the job is, or the level of security required, you can be assured that it will be done efficiently and in full confidence at Blackfriars. We even have the facility where you can send one of your team to observe production if that level of security is required.

"Our current printing requirements are irregular and often needed in short notice. Blackfriars' ability to meet these has been second to none."

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