Plymouth Printer Launches Online Service for anyone with Big Plans

An independent digital printing specialist in Plymouth has launched an innovative online service for industries that need 24 hour, 7 day a week capability to print large plans and plots.

The 24/7 Plan Print Portal was developed by Netprinter, based in Manor Street, Stonehouse, specifically for the needs of architects and for industries such as construction, engineering, surveying, civil engineering and even boat building.

Simon King is the Managing Director of Netprinter. He says: "We've designed the 24/7 Plan Print Portal in consultation with representatives from industries who will use it, basically anyone who needs plans up to A0 in size and needs them quickly.

"It's simple, using only four steps including logging in but maintains flexibility in the types of file it will accept, order quantities and sizes. The final step is payment which is also achieved online via the portal. The bespoke software interfaces with our digital printing machinery and plotters, and the staff at Netprinter have a wealth of experience to assist should there be any queries."

The portal can accept .PDF .JPEG (.JPG) or .TIF format files which can be uploaded securely and usually very quickly depending on the size of the design file and the broadband connection used at the client end.

Gavin Woodford, founder of Woodford Architecture & Interiors in Ashburton, a company which was involved in further testing of the system, says: 'We think the Netprinter 24/7 Plan Print Portal is really quick and easy to use. It saves us time instead of trying to upload large files to email and the prints always arrive promptly'

As the system is semi-automatic, requiring little or no human intervention, prices are very keen. They range from 40p for an A2 black and white PDF print up to just £10.00 for an A0 colour block print. An A2 colour line plot is £3.50 and for the largest size available, A0, rises to only £7.50 Netprinter also promises that if users order before noon then their plans or plots will be delivered the next day.

Simon King says: "Nobody locally has an online ordering facility quite like the 24/7 Plan Print Portal, designed to work perfectly with our equipment and our people. Of course, as it's online, it is of benefit not just to local users but also to anyone with a broadband connection and a requirement to have plans printed and delivered as quickly as possible wherever they may be."

Netprinter and its sister company Blackfriars Contracts Division have been operating in Plymouth for over 30 years, and was one of the first companies in the south west to see the advantage of and to install large format, high quality digital printing equipment.

With the introduction of the 24/7 Plan Print Portal, the Plymouth company has maintained it's lead in providing plan and plot services for industries and public bodies not just in the south west, but throughout the UK.

Check out the Online Plan Printing Portal today! visit